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Peggyann Mueller

Peggyann Mueller joined the Wamhoff team in 2006, beginning her journey with the firm first as Executive Assistant to Robert Wamhoff, and quickly expanding her role and knowledge. Today, she serves as Operations Manager, responsible for all aspects of day to day operations within the firm, educating the team, reviewing paperwork and marketing materials, and coordinating with the oversight team at the firm’s Broker-Dealer.

During her time at Wamhoff, Peggyann has played a key role in a variety of initiatives including client events large and small, community promotion, and client communication campaigns. She is well-known in the firm as a go-to resource of knowledge and support, and has a longstanding reputation of ensuring the smooth operation of workflow and communications. Peggyann’s role has continued to expand as she was recently named to the executive management team responsible for transitioning Wamhoff into the future.

Outside of work, Peggyann has been actively involved in fundraising events for Timmy’s Mountain: Just Because We Care, a charity focused on feeding and educating children in a poverty-stricken, mountain village in Honduras. She enjoys spending time with her children, Andrew and Mallory, and her family and friends.