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Sandy Furuya Assumes Ownership of Wamhoff’s Accounting Division

By: Bob Wamhoff
When I established Wamhoff back in 1975, our original focus was accounting. We were a small firm back then, meeting clients in their homes and doing their tax returns on kitchen tables and washing machines. Early on, I hired my sister Sandy to help with our bookkeeping. Although she was very young at the time, she was smart, driven, and talented, and I knew I could trust her with my business. She quickly excelled in her duties, and over the years, has played an instrumental role is helping to lead the growth of the firm.

Today, I’m proud to announce that Sandy is now the owner of Wamhoff’s Accounting Division, a part of the firm that she’s worked so hard to develop into the business that it’s become. She’s taken Wamhoff Accounting and grown it from a three-person operation to a large team of tax and accounting professionals who manage all aspects of our clients’ personal and business needs, preparing over 900 tax returns each year and managing the day-to-day accounting for scores of area small businesses.

Wamhoff Accounting will remain closely integrated with Wamhoff Financial Planning, and the team will work closely with our planners to assist in the development of clients’ financial plans, helping to analyze and anticipate the various tax implications associated with the various components. We’ll remain in the same offices together, and you’ll experience no change in the services you count on Wamhoff to provide.

Transition of Wamhoff Accounting to Sandy is one step in my overall, long-term succession plan for the firm. As I announced last year, ownership of Wamhoff will ultimately transition to Sandy, Director of Operations Ted Hemmy, Financial Planners Matt Allgeyer, Kyle Jones, and Peggy Knobbe, and Compliance & Marketing Manager Peggyann Mueller. I will remain actively involved in both the Accounting and Financial Planning divisions of the business for the next four to five years.

I am very excited to begin this next chapter in the life of Wamhoff. I’m so proud of my sister Sandy and all she has accomplished over the years, and have been honored to have her at my side for all these years. I know she’ll continue to soar to new heights, and maintain an ever-present focus on excellent client service. Please join me in congratulating Sandy on her new role.