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Tax Scams

You would think with tax season being “technically” over that you wouldn’t hear anymore about tax scams. Contrary to popular […]

Top Five Mistakes in Planning for Retirement

Retirement planning involves a series of decisions that you’ll make throughout your working life as you save. Some of those […]

50% versus 100% Meals and Entertainment

As you may know there are some meals and entertainments that are not 100% deductible. Normally, the meals and entertainment […]

Sales Tax Delivery

August 3, 2016 In a recent Missouri Supreme Court case, Alberici Constructors, Inc. v. Director of Revenue, the Missouri Supreme […]

Record Retention

The issue of filing and maintaining records for business or personal use can be a hassle. The time it takes […]

What Is The Future Of Interest Rates?

In December of 2015, the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates for the first time since 2006. While that hike was […]

The Impact of UK Referendum on Financial Markets

On Thursday, June 23rd, the United Kingdom will hold a referendum where citizens will vote on whether to leave or […]

College Grads – Investing Advice for your First Job

As the Class of 2016 enters the workforce, they’ll likely be faced with decisions they’ll need to make about their […]

Mutual Fund Fees and Expenses

What is this IRS Form 5498 I just received?

Many taxpayers have received the last week of May a Form 5498 and are concerned that they missed reporting this […]

Investing for the Long-Term – The Power of 401(k) Plans

Greetings! I wanted to provide some information to help investors allocate strategically for the long-term. 401(k) plans are an important […]

Investing for the Long-Term – The Power of Compounding

Time is on your side when it comes to investing. The longer one has to invest, the greater amount of […]

Understanding the Mutual Fund Style Box

Hello there! This is Kyle Jones, Financial Advisor at Wamhoff Financial Planning & Accounting. Today, I wanted to provide some […]

Ways to Reduce Your 2016 Taxes

It’s never too early to start thinking about ways to reduce your 2016 tax liability.  Planning early in the year […]

Mutual Funds

Hello there! This is Kyle Jones, Financial Advisor at Wamhoff Financial Planning & Accounting. Today, I wanted to provide some […]

Phone Scams

Have you recently received a telephone call from a person claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service? If you […]


Trusts in the financial industry have paved a road through estate planning and protection for my clients for years. A […]

Robo Advisors

There are a number of online tools and calculators designed to give investors advice using mathematical formulas and algorithms. Often […]

What does transportation data tell us about the economy?

There is a wide variety of economic data provided by the government that attempt to give us information about the […]

Choose Your Business Structure, Part 2

Good morning. My name is Brian Hodak. I am a CPA and I work for Wamhoff Financial and Accounting. Thank […]