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Beware of Scams / Identity Theft

Don’t Let Emotions Guide Your Investment Decisions

Lower Oil Prices Lead to Sovereign Budget Shortfalls

Greetings! In my most recent blog post, I discussed the correlation between lower oil prices and a reduction in jobs. […]

A Word From Bob, February 2015

January has come and gone, and luckily we managed to avoid any snowfall or serious winter weather. Unfortunately, we still […]

Low Oil Prices – Good or Bad for the Economy?

Lower Oil Prices Means Fewer Jobs

In the not-so-distant past, Americans were inundated by the mainstream media and the political class regarding the importance of U.S. […]

New Years Resolution

It is the New Year once again, where we all make commitments to obtain new success where we have failed […]

The Death of the Certificate of Deposit: Will CD Rates Ever Rebound?

by: Cherrie Boyer 1 “Certificates of deposit, commonly known as CDs, were considered a goldmine by our parents and grandparents […]

Scam Phone Calls/Identity Theft

by: Susan Taylor As incidents of an aggressive telephone scam continue across the country, the IRS is warning people that […]

Tax Extenders Renewed for 2014

by: Sandy Furuya Prior to adjourning, the Senate approved the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, which the House had […]

COLA Increases for 2015

A Word From Bob, 2015 Quarter 1 Newsletter

2014 is behind us and we are celebrating a new year. From all appearances, it looks like a better year […]

What you should bring to your tax appointment

What you should bring to your tax appointment: Prior Year Tax Return Copies If you are a new client, please […]

2015 ACA Updates & Changes

Here are the updates and changes to the 2015 ACA. Individual penalty for not having minimum essential health insurance coverage […]

Am I Working With a Financial Planner or a Salesperson? Part I

Investment consultant, financial advisor, investment representative, and financial planner are all terms that are synonymous to the masses. In fact, […]

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To own or rent a home

With the new year upon us, many people are thinking about taking the next step and purchasing a home. But […]

Am I Working With a Financial Planner or a Salesperson? Part II

The first portion of this topic was covered in the previous blog post where I discussed the differences to look […]

What Women And Men Can Learn From Each Other About Investing

When it comes to investing, patience is truly a virtue. Bob Wamhoff, President at Wamhoff Financial Planning & Accounting Services […]

The Wamhoff Blog: An Introduction

Greetings! Wamhoff Financial Planning & Accounting is excited to announce that we are going to be starting a new blog. […]