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Keep Investing for the Long Haul

The final days of 2013 are ticking away, and we look back on a very productive year in the market. November was up, and the market closed above the 16,000 mark for the first time ever. We’ve seen some incredible gains, yet we don’t look at just today – we invest for the long haul. Bob_W

Looking ahead to 2014, I see no major downturns on the horizon. However, we may encounter some bumps in the road. The deficit and ongoing budget discussions will cause some negative consequences to the economy. There are also some world conflicts we are keeping our eyes on. I will remain diligent in monitoring all of these situations, and analyzing what impact they may have on you. I will certainly keep you informed and make recommendations as the year unfolds.

Providing our clients with information to help them make wise decisions is something we take pride in at Wamhoff. Over the years, we’ve held a large number of seminars on economic issues and investment options. That will continue in 2014. We have some very informative seminars coming up that will keep you updated on what we see going forward. We’ll also dedicate sessions to veterans benefits, senior citizens benefits, and long term care planning.

Thank you for another great year together. Give thanks during this season of giving, and remember our children in Honduras. Just ten years ago, they didn’t celebrate Christmas – it was just another day for them. Now Diane, some great friends of Just Because and I will be there to hand out food for them to prepare their Christmas meals. Aisha Sultan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote an article this past weekend sharing the story of Just Because, and our inspiration, Angel Timmy. We are blessed to run this great organization in his memory, and have the support of so many to care for the children there.

Have a great holiday season, and enjoy time with your family and loved ones. Stay healthy, wealthy and wise, and certainly, stay tuned.


Bob Wamhoff