Investment Options

At Wamhoff, our job is to craft a retirement program that best fits your personal goals and objectives, using the full universe of available resources. In so doing, we provide our clients:

  • Goals-based, customized plan design and consulting
  • Conflict-free investment selection and monitoring
  • Full fee disclosure
  • Money guide Pro, Morningstar and other Technology driven tools

Diversification is KEY! That’s why Wamhoff offers clients a wide range of investment options that aren’t available everywhere. These are investments that most financial advisors just don’t have access to, or aren’t licensed (or experienced) to sell. We offer both traditional and alternative investments, including:

Mutual Funds – Hartford, MFS, Oppenheimer, Invesco AIM, Transamerica, Prudential
Variable Annuities – Forethought, TransAmerica, Prudential, Jackson National, AXA, Lincoln
Managed Money – MAP, Tealwood, Russell, Potomac & Bayhawk, GPS
Alternatives/DPP’s – KBS, UDF, Franklin Square, Phillip Edison, ARC, Carter Validus, Resource Real Estate, Northstar, CML
Accredited Programs – Mackenzie Patterson Fuller, Mewbourne

Investment management is a large piece of the puzzle, but the complexities of tax planning, philanthropy, estate planning, business succession and risk management also require a wide range of expertise.

Planning for educational expenses is a high priority for many families. As such, we work with families to help determine the right investments and savings plans to make their children’s, or grandchildren’s, college dreams a reality.

Estate planning is also a critical component of investing. When working with Wamhoff, we will:

  • Discuss wills and trusts to determine those suited to your family
  • Review existing plans and facilitating updates and changes with your attorney or ours
  • Consider asset ownership and beneficiary designations that are consistent with your planning and goals
  • Pursue maximizing income tax deferral and estate tax avoidance
  • Facilitate family meetings to discuss roles and planning
  • Help you choose a trustee


Wamhoff will help you construct unique asset allocation strategies specifically tailored for your various portfolios. Each strategy will consider your time horizon and level of risk tolerance. As time and circumstance dictate, we will review your asset allocations and recommend appropriate changes. Where changes in strategy are not required, Wamhoff will provide the rebalance discipline necessary to help you capitalize on the inherent volatility of the financial markets.


<h3>Investments Offered:</h3>

At Wamhoff, we offer a wide range of investment options – both traditional and alternative investments – to allow for diversification of your portfolio, and to create the right plan to achieve your unique investment goals. Not all products discussed below are suitable for all investors. The following descriptions of products are general descriptions only and do not include all relevant information to be considered prior to investing. Consider your individual investment objectives and risk tolerances before making investment decisions and discuss those with your financial advisor.

How do we choose the investment options to offer clients? Wamhoff regularly participates in on-site due diligence programs hosted by the investment companies. These programs give advisors an opportunity to learn more about the investment, ask questions, and meet some of the representatives associated with the program. Wamhoff takes this process very seriously, and financial planning staff attends the programs in locations across the country. If programs are not available, Wamhoff requests a due diligence program on-site, or invites a representative of the company to Wamhoff’s office to review the investment and answer questions.

In addition to participation in due diligence programs, Wamhoff invites various investment representatives to St. Louis to do presentations and educational events for clients. This gives clients the opportunity to meet with the company, ask questions, and get the information they need to make decisions about their savings and investments.