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Members of the Armed Forces Get Special Tax Benefits

Members of the military may qualify for tax breaks and benefits. Special rules could lower the tax they owe or […]

Protecting our Senior Investors

A new rule by the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority will allow brokers to pause disbursements from client’s accounts if […]

The Downside to Robo-Advisors

A growing trend in the financial services industry is what is referred to as robo-advising, or robo-advisors.  The premise behind […]

Why is it Important to Keep My Withholdings up to Date?

While we are enjoying the summer and planning our vacations, we take very little time to think about our tax […]

Is My 401(OK)?

As a financial advisor, most of my clients have an investment vehicle at their place of business, but most throw […]

Tips for Teenager Taxpayers with Paying Summer Jobs

Just like with my daughter, it’s exciting for you and your teenager when (s)he gets a paying summer job for […]

De Minimis Safe Harbor Expensing of Business Personal Property

By: Jackie Laberer What is safe harbor? A safe harbor is a provision in a law or regulation that protects […]

Tax Deadlines for 2016 Returns

By: Sandy Furuya Partnership returns (Form 1065) – New due date March 15th Extension deadline is Sept. 15th Individual returns […]

Changes for tax year 2017

By: Susan Taylor In 2017 the medical itemized deductions have affected those that are 65 and older. In prior years […]

Boom or Bust: 1st Quarter 2017

By: Kyle R. Jones & Brian Riggs “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or […]

Sandy Furuya Assumes Ownership of Wamhoff’s Accounting Division

By: Bob Wamhoff When I established Wamhoff back in 1975, our original focus was accounting. We were a small firm […]

Breaking Bad Money Habits

By: Peggy Knobbe Everyone has bad habits, and all of them are hard to break. Smoking, biting your nails, eating […]

A Word From Sandy – February 2017

By: Sandy Furuya I will soon begin a new chapter in my life at Wamhoff, a journey that has spanned […]

A Word From Bob, First Quarter 2016 Newsletter

Hopefully everyone remembered someone special to them on Valentine’s Day, otherwise you likely found yourself in a bit of trouble! […]

401(k) Analysis

EFFECTS OF COMPOUNDING EARNINGS AND INVESTING PRUDENTLY A 401(k) plan can be one of your best options for attaining long […]

Storm Related Victims

If you were a victim of the recent Mississippi and Missouri storms you will have until May 16th to file […]

Rules of Investing

Start Early- You are never really too young to start or too late to start figuring out when you want […]

Research Analyst

Greetings! I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Brian Riggs, and I was hired at Wamhoff […]

A Word From Bob, September 2015

With the Labor Day holiday weekend behind us, summer is officially winding down. As many of you know, I always […]

Important Financial Steps for Widows and Widowers to Take

“For most people, the death of a spouse is the most traumatic event imaginable. Nevertheless, as bad as the emotional […]