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De Minimis Safe Harbor Expensing of Business Personal Property

By: Jackie Laberer What is safe harbor? A safe harbor is a provision in a law or regulation that protects […]

Tax Deadlines for 2016 Returns

By: Sandy Furuya Partnership returns (Form 1065) – New due date March 15th Extension deadline is Sept. 15th Individual returns […]

Changes for tax year 2017

By: Susan Taylor In 2017 the medical itemized deductions have affected those that are 65 and older. In prior years […]

Boom or Bust: 1st Quarter 2017

By: Kyle R. Jones & Brian Riggs “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or […]

Sandy Furuya Assumes Ownership of Wamhoff’s Accounting Division

By: Bob Wamhoff When I established Wamhoff back in 1975, our original focus was accounting. We were a small firm […]

Breaking Bad Money Habits

By: Peggy Knobbe Everyone has bad habits, and all of them are hard to break. Smoking, biting your nails, eating […]

A Word From Sandy – February 2017

By: Sandy Furuya I will soon begin a new chapter in my life at Wamhoff, a journey that has spanned […]

A Word From Bob, First Quarter 2016 Newsletter

Hopefully everyone remembered someone special to them on Valentine’s Day, otherwise you likely found yourself in a bit of trouble! […]

401(k) Analysis

EFFECTS OF COMPOUNDING EARNINGS AND INVESTING PRUDENTLY A 401(k) plan can be one of your best options for attaining long […]

Storm Related Victims

If you were a victim of the recent Mississippi and Missouri storms you will have until May 16th to file […]

Rules of Investing

Start Early- You are never really too young to start or too late to start figuring out when you want […]

Research Analyst

Greetings! I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Brian Riggs, and I was hired at Wamhoff […]

A Word From Bob, September 2015

With the Labor Day holiday weekend behind us, summer is officially winding down. As many of you know, I always […]

Important Financial Steps for Widows and Widowers to Take

“For most people, the death of a spouse is the most traumatic event imaginable. Nevertheless, as bad as the emotional […]

The Tale of Our Social Media Strategy

Anyone who has Charter Communications (Ticker: CHTR) as their cable television provider or regularly watches Fox 2 News, which is […]

Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Make – and How to Avoid Them

Each year in anticipation of tax season, we talk about what businesses should or shouldn’t do, but usually tax advice […]

New Years Resolution

It is the New Year once again, where we all make commitments to obtain new success where we have failed […]

The Death of the Certificate of Deposit: Will CD Rates Ever Rebound?

by: Cherrie Boyer 1 “Certificates of deposit, commonly known as CDs, were considered a goldmine by our parents and grandparents […]

Scam Phone Calls/Identity Theft

by: Susan Taylor As incidents of an aggressive telephone scam continue across the country, the IRS is warning people that […]

Tax Extenders Renewed for 2014

by: Sandy Furuya Prior to adjourning, the Senate approved the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, which the House had […]