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Bob’s Commentary – November 2011

Well, I told you so, I told you so; I had to do that.

I love all the people that say you can time the market. I bet they missed the best October in a long time. I still think we have room to go higher and I am still looking to surpass my original prediction from January of 12,788 on the DOW by year end.  It will be choppy to say the least, but the earnings reports that I was counting on were better than expected. Plus, the Cardinals won the World Series and even better the Rams won their first of what I believe will be many more games this season.

We have a number of seminars coming up in the next few months regarding alternatives to the stock market. If you didn’t get an invitation, please call one of our planners and they can see if it is a fit for you.

Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise and Stay Tuned,

Bob Wamhoff