Bob’s Commentary – May 2012 :: Wamhoff Financial & Accounting

Bob’s Commentary – May 2012

What a month we just finished.  We have moved to our new location and it is beautiful and we are functional.  We finished up tax season and were named Employer of the Year for 2012 by the City of St Charles.  I know that, without a truly superb staff, this would not happen at all, so thanks to all who work for me.

The market was flat this last month, but it doesn’t always go up.  That is why we try to keep your portfolio diversified.  Diversification helps to curb the extreme highs and extreme lows.

Thanks for your continued trust in us.  Introduce us to your friends and neighbors, so they can experience the Wamhoff difference.


Stay healthy, wealthy, and wise and certainly stay tuned.

Bob Wamhoff