Bob’s Commentary – March 2012 :: Wamhoff Financial & Accounting

Bob’s Commentary – March 2012

Wow!  Another superb month! Two months down and ten more to go!  It cannot keep up this pace; although I am not yet ready to sit on the sidelines.  The market will start to price the elections by the end of April and will refine itself around September.  I will be waiting it out.

We will be moving on April 27th and hope to be operational no later than May 1st.  Call us if you need anything as we are here to serve you.  If we can help any of your friends or relatives, let us know.

We have a service called SOS (Second Opinion Service).  This service provides a free, no obligation review of someone’s portfolio to determine if it is on track; sadly many are not.


Stay healthy, wealthy and wise and certainly stay tuned,