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Bob’s Commentary January 2012

Well for 2 years in a row I missed my prediction on the DOW. So now I am going to change to my favorite index the S&P and predict that in my opinion it will be at 1,446 by year end.  The economy and the market should gradually get better in 2012.

I certainly believe that there will be Congressional changes and that can only be for the better. We are not a second ranked country as some say, we are the number one country in the world to live in and prosper and we will get over all this noise out there.  I will still have to be cautious as Europe could cause us to have some troubled times.

Have a great New Year and know we are now 4 months from our new location that will be better than ever to serve you.  If you don’t have all your investments with us or have a lot sitting in the bank, now is the time to be talking to us as we have some diversification tools and seminars each month, so please call one of my planners and see if these are able to fit you.

Don’t forget that we are professionals when it comes to taxes both personal and corporate.  Also let your friends or relatives in on our secret, we treat our clients like our friends, and work very hard to gain and keep their confidence.

Happy New Year, stay healthy , wealthy and wise and certainly stay tuned,