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Bob’s Commentary August 2011

This is NOT the time to panic.  The very good news is Obama and Congress has to stop talking about fixing the problem and actually do something.  We need tax code reform and many other pro growth initiatives and we will get some.  This summer may be one step forward and two steps back, but I believe that we will turn the corner at least by the fall (I did say in my January 2011 email commentary that the dow would hit 12,788 and I still believe that).

For the clients who have gotten into the alternatives and the variable annuities these are diversifying you per my plan.  For the clients who haven’t gotten into the alternatives lately we will be having monthly seminars to introduce them to you.

If you have friends, family or enemies who are panicking have them call us as we have the solutions.

Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise and certainly Stay Tuned,

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