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Bob Wamhoff’s January 2013 Market Outlook

I missed my projection on the S&P but it was still up 13% for the year. I project it to be 1550 by December 31, 2013 a 9% increase. I think overall, it will be a decent year in the market again and I will continue to watch it like a hawk. I guess we have forgotten about the term, “Shared Sacrifice”? The vote to avoid the “cliff” showed no guts. The excessive debt we have wasn’t addressed and we found ways to spend even more money to put us further in debt. My parents taught me you don’t get ahead unless you WORK for it. The debt will not go away and it has the potential to make our country second class. I certainly don’t believe they will address it in two months either. My parents also told me, “You dance with the one that brought you”; I will work with what I have. Stay diversified and we will be okay.


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Robert Wamhoff

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