Bob & Diane Wamhoff Support Literacy through the St. Charles County Library Foundation

After 40 years in business, Bob and Diane Wamhoff have seen their clients age, and have aged right along with them. Their business, Wamhoff Financial Planning & Accounting Services, provides services and extra touches to help their elderly clients access special client events and attend appointments, and it recently came to their attention that the St. Charles County Library Foundation provides a similar service to provide seniors with access to books, information and the library experience. When presented with an opportunity to support this service, Bob and Diane gladly obliged.

This month, Bob and Diane presented a donation to St. Charles County Library Foundation Executive Director Erica Land and St. Charles County Library Director Jim Brown in support of the “Books to You” program which delivers library materials to seniors or homebound patrons so they, too, can continue their library experience and feel part of the library community.

“A few years ago, we built a library at the school we run in Honduras, stocked with books for the schoolchildren there,” said Bob Wamhoff. “What we didn’t anticipate was that the adults – moms, dads, grandma and grandpa – were just as excited and checked out more books than the kids. This really opened our eyes to how important access to books, information and interaction is, especially for those who may not otherwise have this access, such as seniors and homebound patrons. Keeping our elderly citizens active and engaged is valuable for all of us, and the library is home base for this to happen. Diane and I are proud to partner with the Library Foundation to bring that access to all here in St. Charles County.”

There are many ways to support the St. Charles County Library Foundation, whose focus is to create a more literate community to engage, instill a love of learning in all, and where all contribute to the betterment of St. Charles County’s economy and quality of life. For more information, visit the Foundation website.